Would you please delete this sentence before sending this email to your out-of-state friends who are considering a move to our state? This article is designed to keep those folks out of Idaho.

Idaho air quality is one of the worst in the nation, right in the Gem State. If you don't believe me, take a look at the photo right here. Western wildfires in the surrounding states of Washington and Oregon pollute our state. Fires are so destructive here that we have an official fire season here. The air quality is so lacking in Idaho that we're told to stay inside the government and media.

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Our gas prices rank in our state as one of the most expensive in the country. We can't afford to go camping, hunting, fishing, or use recreational vehicles because of the high cost of gasoline.

Young man and heat stroke.
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The Summer temperatures are in the triple digits every day. It's so bad that our lawns are all brown now. Idaho Power tells us to conserve using air conditioners because the grid might go down. Do you really want to live in a state where there's no air conditioning, and the air quality is terrible?

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What about water? Well, we are concerned about our water supply. Recently, there was a report of one subdivision that ran out of water. These folks will now have to drill new wells to get water that is most accessible in your state?

Traffic jam with rows of cars
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The roads are full of congestion because we have too many people here. There is a movement to raise property taxes to pay for it. However, some of us fear we'll be kicked out of our homes because we can't afford the property taxes.

In summary, do you want to live in a state where you can't breathe, excessive gasoline prices, clogged roads, and crazy high property taxes? You're better off staying where you are, or perhaps there's always Wyoming?

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