Idaho is the setting for one of Lifetime's summer movies for 2021. Each year Lifetime creates movies based on recent true crime. They have become known for overly hydrating the stories to create over-the-top drama. The network's films often feature stars who are on their way up in their acting careers or are actors that have had some success in Hollywood but haven't had much work lately.

The most successful Lifetime movies include 2004's Gracie's Choice starring a then-unknown Kristen Bell and Anne Heche, who had struggled to book a significant film in two years. Other notable films include 2014's the Gabby Douglas Story, 1996's No One Would Tell, starring Candace Cameron and Fred Savage, and 2013's Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.

There is no story over the past two years that has captured the minds and broke the hearts of Idahoans like Lori Vallow's story. Her children had gone missing, and she wasn't talking. Investigators started looking into her and her husband Chad Daybell, partially because of their doomsday group involvement. Eventually, the bodies of the children were found buried on Daybell's property. Now police are investigating the untimely deaths of Chad and Lori's ex-spouses.

The movie is called Doomsday Mom and will premiere on the Lifetime Network on June 26th. It stars Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas, and Dallas' Patrick Duffy. How much fact versus how much exaggerated drama is unknown, but I would expect to see quite q bit of drama!

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