Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has written a letter to the Idaho Speaker of the House to call the legislature back into session. Her request is in response to the announcement by Boise healthcare providers Saint Alphonsus, Saint Luke's, and Primary Health to force their workers to take the Covid-19 shot or be terminated. We've called on the legislature to return to session in an article that you can view here.

The Idaho House of Representatives did not adjourn at the end of the legislative session.  Unlike, the Senate the House is in recess and once recalled the Senate can return as well.  Lieutenant Governor McGeachin expressed her concern for Idahoans being forced to choose between their job and the jab on Facebook.

Some Idaho employers have recently expressed their intention to terminate any employees who make certain personal health decisions. This idea — discriminating against and firing employees based on private and personal health decisions — flies in the face of the principles of liberty and justice.

The Idaho Legislature chose to remain in session so they could deal with important issues that might arise this year. This is one of those issues. I am calling on the Idaho Legislature to reconvene and take action to protect Idahoans from this type of medical tyranny.

No one should be forced to choose between keeping their job and undergoing an experimental medical procedure that violates their conscience.

No word on whether Speaker Bedke will honor her request.  In an odd sense of circumstance, he's running for her job, while she's running for governor.

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