The beauty of Mother Nature, obviously! Sure, I still get excited about the little things, but man, there is some beauty around here! When was the last time you saw the beauty right in your (figurative) back yard?

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This particular piece of Treasure Valley beauty can be found with just a short hike. Okay, it can hardly be considered a hike, more of a short walk. Anyway, just in case you haven't been to Jump Creek Falls in minute, maybe it's time to head back out! It's fall, it's a beautiful time to get and see some of the beauty out there. It's not too hot, not too cold (if you wear a sweater, that is). We went yesterday and it was amazing. The weather was great, there were quite a few people out there getting their pictures and stuff and the thing with hiking I've learned (I'm not the most avid hiker) is that people are so nice on hikes! It was great just get out and experience the beauty of nature just a short distance from our house.

I'm all about waterfalls and luckily, here in Idaho, there are more than a few. If you're an Idaho newb, which there are quite a few out there that could potentially read this, you should take the short trip (like 45 mins) to Jump Creek Falls and check this one out. And thennnn... You of course have to drive a couple of hours South East of here to see the "Niagra of The West", Twin Falls. It's all just so gorgeous!

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