Curious about Idaho's standing in the ranks of America's most and least beloved states? Well, you're in the right place. Chances are, when you ask an Idahoan about their feelings toward Idaho, there's no doubt you'll be met with enthusiastic love and pride... we love Idaho.

There's been an article published that explores how states are perceived by their neighboring states and residents, and Idaho's position on this list is certainly worth discussing.

Most people are very proud to live in Idaho, and thankfully, our neighboring states don't seem to have any big problems with us either; at least not any problems that we know about...

According to Zippia's research, Idaho proudly secures the 47th spot on this list, emerging as one of the least hated states in the nation. In fact, the opposite is true — we're one of the most beloved states.

As for the states that were on the less-favored side of this list, California easily takes the crown as the most unpopular state among other states in America – a sentiment shared by many, and possibly even some Idahoans who participated in these surveys.

But it is reassuring to know that not only Idahoans hold a special love and appreciation for our Gem state, but so do our neighbors. Continue reading to explore some of the unique qualities that make Idaho truly a standout state, and prepare to discover 12 ridiculous myths about Idaho that people in other states might actually believe.

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