The murders of four University of Idaho students haven't been solved yet. Classes will once again be held in Moscow while the nation awaits the capture of the killer or killers of Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, and Xana Kernodle. Parents and students are rightfully concerned for their safety as the search continues. 

The very nature of this case has caused the speculation game from coffee shops in Boise to Redditt detectives in Massachusetts. The media has called into question the competence of local, state, and national law enforcement. The story has garnered so much national interest that Fox News took one of their Saturday night shows, Lawrence Jones, to just outside the crime scene for an hour broadcast.

Does this help or hurt the case?

Steve Goncalves told Fox News, 'they're telling me they can't tell me much; it's frustrating to me because I've been very trusting." He revealed that he and his family have been helping authorities reconstruct the timeline of the night of the four murders. 


Authorities believe that the attack was targeted but have yet to say who the targets were. Some University of Idaho parents and students have said they will not return to campus. One good thing that happened with Covid is the beginning of remote learning. Indeed, if you're uncomfortable, you should not return to the area. 

Mr. Goncalves urged the public to provide any information regarding this case. 

What does targeted mean?

Former FBI agent Doctor Maryellen O'Toole told CBS News that investigators can determine if one person was targeted more than the other victims. "there are a couple of things that stand out to me. I know investigators said that the victims were targeted. The term is a behavioral term that has a lot of meaning to me. The way to see is that if any of the victims were treated differently at that crime scene."

After two weeks, police continue to look for who is responsible for these four murders. The challenge for law enforcement, in any case, is to determine fact from fiction. Local agencies are doing their best to sort out the thousands of leads they continue receiving. Let's hope that one of them leads to a break in the case soon. 

Idaho Victims Seen In Video at Food Truck

Two of the four victims in the slaying of four University Students can be seen with what a Youtuber calls an "Unknow male the girls seem to have arrived with" at a food truck just hours before they were found.

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