Greg Pruett, the president of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, announced today on Facebook that the group would file a lawsuit against Idaho State Representative Thomas Loertscher.  Representative Loertscher is chairman of the Idaho House State Affairs Committee.  President Pruett stated in a Facebook video that the lawsuit is a result of Chairman Loertscher reportedly telling state legislatures that Mr. Pruett was taking money from the group for his personal benefit.

"We are in preliminary discussions right now on filing a lawsuit against Chairman Loertscher," Mr. Pruett disclosed in a Facebook Video today.  He continued to say the lawsuit could be avoided if the chairman apologizes to Mr. Pruett and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.


The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is Idaho's largest grassroots group that supports the Second Amendment.  The group has pressured lawmakers to pass the campus carry and allowing Idahoans to conceal carry firearms without a permit.

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