A Conservative Republican senator from Nampa is getting a lot of attention from the state's major media outlets. However, it's not for any proposed legislation or statement concerning how the state is being governed. This senator is getting criticized for something he didn't work on in Boise, but something he wrote on his own time.

State Senator Brian Lenny is a copywriter when he's not serving in the Idaho Legislature. He is also a published author of two children's books that have caused some Republicans to question the senator's writing decisions openly.The title of the two children's books are "Why Everyone Needs an AR-15 and "Why is Feminism So Silly have caused some folks to question why anyone would write a children's book with those topics. 

The Idaho Press interviewed several folks that reacted to the book. A former state senator was concerned that the books portrayed guns as toys. The topic of gun control and gun safety continues to be a topic of national debate. Congressional Democrats and President Biden want to re institute the assault weapons ban that expired years ago. They argue the ban would stop the recent mass shootings that have continued across the country.

Congressional Republicans do not support a return of the assault weapons ban and believe any move towards a ban is against the Second Amendment. 

Senator Lenny did not comment and declined to be interviewed for this article. It should be pointed out that Americans and especially Idahoans, do not view the Second Amendment as something that should be limited or eliminated. 

The senator has a right to write whatever book he chooses and should be respected for his decisions. 

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