Jesa is canine that has served her country protecting our troops in Iraq.  She has gone on hundreds of missions looking for explosives that could harm our troops.  Recently she was injured and has the chance to come home to America.  Thanks to her handler, Robert, Jesa now will have a home in the Treasure Valley.  The expenses of bringing her home can be overwhelming and they both need our help.  Please donate to the 'bring Jesa home page at to help.

We always say how much we appreciate and admire our troops.  Let's show Jesa and her new family how grateful we are for their sacrifice.  Thank you Robert for caring about Jesa and providing her a 'forever home.'  As you said this morning, she's worked enough, now she's gets to relax and be a dog.  Oh I wish we cam all live the life of our favorite canine.  Let's donate today.