Give me your tired, your poor, and your conservative Republican Senators for we will give them refuge from the cold, harsh reality of living in Oregon.

No, that isn't a billboard welcoming folks to Idaho, but it could be if Oregon Senators continue to flee Salem.The reason why Republicans are on the run is they are fighting to save the Timber and Trucking industry from repressive restrictions from a new bill that promises to curb emissions in the Beaver State.

The New York Times reports that Oregon Senators say the bill would ruin the timber, trucking, and the agriculture industries. Republicans want the entire state to have a vote, not elected bureaucrats. This leads us to a great opportunity to showcase how great the Gem State is in comparison to the shenanigans in Salem.

Oregon Senators don't have to camp in the woods or stay in some impersonal hotel.  Several Idahoans contacted us volunteering to host their Oregonian elected officials in their homes.  There's no need to rough it unless you want to take advantage of our great trails, lakes, rivers, and... you know the rest of story.

Heck, the senators might like it so much, they'll join the thousands of folks moving to conservative Idaho.  In all seriousness, we should applaud these lawmakers who refuse to be bullied by an overzealous liberal regime that only wants to hear one side of the story.

We appreciate your sacrifice and let's do lunch, or dinner, on us.  Get some rest, meet some new friends, and hopefully someone in Salem will get some sanity and allow the people to make the call.

Check out the genuine invitations from this morning's Kevin Miller Show.  The action begins at 12:24.



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