The race to succeed Governor Otter has gotten very interesting with Senator Russ Fulcher's decision to run for Idaho's First Congressional Seat.  Let's take a look at the months ahead and figure out who the front-runner is?  Opinion poll follows the article.  The big winner in the current race is Congressman Raul Labrador.  He and Russ Fulcher have been linked together since their time in the statehouse.  They both share the grassroots/conservative base in the First Congressional District.  Fulcher's move leaves the grassroots, who decide a primary election, to Labrador.

Does that mean Labrador is now favored to win?  Not necessarily. Only in this year's Hyper election cycle could someone who declared a year before the primary has to play catch up. But considering the caliber of candidates and the fact that Lt. Governor Brad Little and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist are home every night should not be overlooked.
Both have hit the trail in their unique ways. The Lt. Gov. using the advantage of the pseudo incumbency appearing at state events, natural disasters, and being the real governor when Governor Otter is away from the Gem State.
A move any politician would envy. These high profile appearances are designed to get the voters comfortable with Brad Little as governor, so when election day happens, they vote with a familiar face and name.
Dr. Tommy Ahlquist would be considered a long shot in a traditional election cycle. However, we're living in the era of President Donald Trump, where outsiders are throwing our the insiders. Ahlquist has combined retail appeal with a significant paid media effort to raise his name recognition. He's also on the 'trail' working on expanding this Treasure Valley Core.
Back to Congressman Labrador, he and his team will have to take advantage of every opportunity and congressional recess to travel the state to earn votes. That's easier said than done. However, he has a team that is experienced and loyal to him.
So who's the favorite? Too soon to tell and it would be a disservice to the three excellent candidates that have chosen to run. What do you think? Who has your early vote? Let the public know what you think. Unlike other polls, we will limit your vote to one vote per person or IP address.

Note candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

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