While Boise Hospitals, Saint Luke's, Saint Alphonsus, and Primary Health, mandated that their employees take the shot, Idaho Governor Brad Little appeared as a guest on the Fox Business Network Show Kudlow. The governor told host Larry Kudlow how Idaho is the least regulated state in the union and is very business-friendly.

BREAKING NEWS.. Lt. Governor McGeachin has written a letter to Speaker Bedke requesting the House come back into session.  Read the story here.

Meanwhile, back in the heartland, Idaho families must now decide if they want to work for an employer that doesn't respect their freedom to choose what to put into their bodies. The governor currently is the expert's pick to win reelection even though he has yet to declare his candidacy. The conventional wisdom is that any criticism of his actions will be long forgotten by expensive commercial buys and a roaring economy.

However, the plot thickens when employers decide that employees have no rights in a right-to-work state. If the legislature and governor do not address laws prohibiting employers dictating the shot, they will be gambling with their reelection prospects. And there's the Bundy Factor.

Ammon Bundy
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Most experts say that the campaign of Ammon Bundy for governor is a long shot. I'd say if there is one candidate who will benefit from possibly gaining mainstream popularity, it's Mr. Bundy. He has shown a willingness to stand up to business or political institutions. His grassroots go-it-alone style resonates with the electorate who are tired of politicians promising us one thing and failing to deliver.

Idaho's pro-business/right to work doctrine could backfire once people realize that their public servants have failed to serve the public.

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