Once again, the Idaho Army National Guard will answer the nation's call to serve. While most Idahoans will be home for the holidays, more than 250 soldiers will be deployed in Southwest Asia. According to a release from the Idaho National Guard, Gowen Field will hold a send-off event for the families of deploying 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team Soldiers.

The Idaho National Guard's largest unit will deploy to Southwest Asia to support Operation Spartan Shield. The brigade has trained for over a year in anticipation of this mobilization. Soldiers from Montana, Nevada, and Oregon will be joining the soldiers from Idaho as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

"The Soldiers of the 116th are trained and ready to go," said 116th CBCT Commander Lt. Col. Eric Orcutt. "I could not be more proud of these men and women and the efforts they've put forth in training and preparing for this mission. They are eager and they are focused and as always, they will achieve the highest level of success."

The 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team previously deployed in support of the Global War on Terror in 2004 and 2010 to Iraq. Idaho National Guard personnel have been supporting the state of Idaho throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Idaho wildfires this past summer.

The Idaho National Guard is one of the most deployed guard units in the country. Unlike their active-duty counterparts, guard and reserve members hold full-time jobs along with their military service. The Idaho National Guard thanks those employers who support their efforts. Soldiers will train up at an army location before this deployment, which will last up to a year. Would you please keep the soldiers and their families in your prayers?

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