Governor Little quietly continues to cut regulation in the Gem State.  The governor recently has gotten positive reviews from the national media and the business community for eliminating regulations that have been on the books for years.  Recently the governor appeared on Fox Business Network describing his goal reducing red tape in Idaho.  Now he's taken it to the next level.   Governor Brad Little and members of the Idaho Legislature announced  that Idaho surpassed South Dakota in becoming the least-regulated state in the country by cutting and simplifying 75 percent of regulatory rules in one year.

Photo Courtesy of the Office of the Governor State of Idaho

In a release to the media, Governor Little shared his thoughts with the public.

“Idaho’s conservative approach to governing has truly transformed the state’s administrative code into a set of regulations that are streamlined and easier for citizens and businesses to navigate,” Governor Little said. “When we reduce the friction on entrepreneurs and businesses, good-paying jobs follow. I appreciate the support of the Legislature and the agencies within my administration for helping me achieve the largest regulatory cuts in Idaho history.”

Over 1800 pages of the administrative code have been given the boot since the governor took office earlier this year.  That's 83 chapters of code that are no longer in effect.

The derogatory efforts of Idaho have gotten the attention of the pro-business Trump Administration.

“Congratulations to Governor Brad Little and the State of Idaho for cutting and simplifying an astounding 75 percent of their administrative code. Since taking office, President Donald J. Trump has led historic deregulation efforts to roll back red tape that burdened Americans and stifled economic growth at the Federal level, OMB Acting Director Russ Vought said. “Under President Trump, we have cut seven and a half regulations for every new rule, far exceeding our promise to cut two regulations for every new one. American households have saved an estimated $3,100 each year as a direct result of President’s historic deregulation efforts.”

Photo Courtesy of the Office of the Governor State of Idaho