So a fly appeared on Vice President's Mike Pence's head during his debate with Senator Kamala Harris of California.  The usual suspects on the internet went berserk.  The late night comedians had their fun at the vice president's expense.  And now Joe Biden pulls the cheap heat trick on Pence.  Who would have ever thought a fly would create so much buzz?

Biden's campaign creates flyswatters and they sell out in hours, reports USA Today.  Joining the throngs who are poking fun at Vice President Mike Pence after a fly landed on his head during Wednesday's debate is presidential candidate Joe Biden. Just moments after Pence's debate against Senator Kamala Harris ended, the Biden campaign tweeted a photo of the former VP holding a fly swatter.

The caption read, "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly." Two hours later, Biden's campaign website began selling $10 flyswatters emblazoned with the words, "Truth Over Flies." And three hours after that, the flyswatters -- all 35,000 of them -- had sold out, says Zach McNamara, merchandise director for the Biden campaign. "We saw the Internet and our supporters sharing a viral moment online, so our digital team came together on the fly," McNamara says. "Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will always choose truth over lies, science over fiction and unity over division." Was it rude that no one motioned to Pence to let him know the fly was on his head? It is fly season in Idaho.  How many of us are so tired of the flies that get into our homes right before the big cold?

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