Join your Second Amendment station, KIDO Talk Radio, this Friday (May 4) at Independence Indoor Shooting in Meridian, ID where we'll broadcast the Kevin Miller show LIVE.

Kevin will be broadcasting right next to the indoor shooting range discussing gun safety and interviewing experts in self-defense. Why not start your morning off the right way by firing a few rounds?

Listeners, community members, local police and political candidates are all welcome to join us from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. to let the Treasure Valley hear what you have to say about the Second Amendment. Kevin will also be covering sports shooting, gun safety issues, hunting, and proper firearm education.

Treasure Valley listeners to KIDO Talk Radio will hear live gunfire during the morning show. "It's important that we provide our listeners with the proper training and safety," said Miller. He continued, "we hope that by sharing our morning with the experts at Independence, we can help our Treasure Valley listeners stay safe in these challenging times."  Take a look at Independence Indoor Shooting here.


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