The Jonas Brothers delivered an unforgettable night in Nampa last night at the Ford Idaho Center, and fans in attendance were treated to not one, but three memorable moments that will go down in Jonas Brothers concert history.

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

Kevin Jonas's Birthday!

The evening was not just a concert; it was a birthday celebration for Kevin Jonas. And after the intermission, Joe Jonas wore a shirt that said, "I Heart Kevin."

The brothers also brought out a birthday cake and led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday." Following that, Joe sang a song from his DNCE days, "Cake by the Ocean."

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

A Gender Reveal

A lucky couple in the audience wanted Joe to do the gender reveal of their upcoming child. As they sang "Little Bird," a song dedicated to parents and soon-to-be parents, the excitement skyrocketed and the moment was filled with love and anticipation. Joe revealed this couple was going to be having a baby girl!


Unlike any of the other stops so far on their tour, the Jonas Brothers decided to spread some early holiday cheer in Nampa by performing one of their beloved Christmas songs, "Like It's Christmas."

Plus, there's a bonus "cool thing" we couldn't overlook... and that's the Jonas Brothers Band! They were absolutely phenomenal. With a lineup that included background singers, trombones, saxophones, trumpets, cellos, drums, pianos, guitars, and more, the ensemble created a massive sound that elevated the entire performance.

You can see professional photos from the concert HERE.

For an even closer look at the night's excitement, keep scrolling for pictures!

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