Kevin Miller takes calls on election predictions.  He previews Saturday's show and urges for folks to attend Idaho's Largest Garage Sale at Expo Idaho tomorrow.


Kevin Miller is joined by Idaho Governor Butch Otter.  They discuss what's next after the 9th Circuit ruling, the Idaho Debate Debacle.  The governor talks about bringing jobs to Idaho and the late Senator Frank Church.  Kevin and Governor debate the Alexander Hamilton verses Thomas Jefferson.


Kevin Miller welcomes Walt Bayes, Walt from Emmett, who is running for governor.  They hit all the major issues including Chernobyl.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by the members of the Lightfoot Militia.  They speak about the need to be ready for any disaster, man made or natural, in the state of Idaho.  Kevin and the milita discuss the Bundy Ranch situation.


Kevin Miller interviews local resident Kristy concerning a fund raiser to help a local nine year old boy who has brain cancer.  She urges folks to go to benefit for brady on Facebook.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association on the 9th circuit ruling on the same sex marriage.  Bryan tells Kevin he's waiting for a conservative governor to tell the courts no.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fallout over the 9th circuit ruling involving same sex marriage.  Kevin continues his critique on the Idaho Debate Debacle.    Kevin let's everyone know that the libs are attacking him on social media for his take.