Kevin Miller takes calls on the border issue.  Listeners respond to his Facebook question asking 'are you with Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck when it comes to the border?


Kevin Miller interviews current New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Ed Klein about his book Blood Feud.  Mr. Klein goes in depth on the White House and Clinton's reaction to his book.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate John Bujak.  Mr. Bujak goes over his history in Canyon County and why he's running for governor.  He takes calls on state sovereignty, gun rights, common core, and his personal finances.


Kevin Miller with Nicole Cassity from Paddle Out Cancer and event taking place next week.  They talk about the impact Cancer has on those who are fighting the disease.  Nicole encourages everyone to attend this fun, inspirational



Kevin Miller speaks with Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center.  Dan looks at the coverage of the Hobby Lobby decision, entertainment's influence on culture, and the coverage of the president's scandals.  Dan gives a shout out to his family in Boise.


Kevin Miller and Dave continue to look at the Body Renew gym closings.  Kevin suggests to Dave that they open a gym for regular people.  Dave laughs at the idea.  Dave reports on the BSU Player arrested last night and discusses Coach Harsin's Football Camp.