Kevin Miller reads listener email and introduces the topic of border security.  Kevin shares the comments of Pat Buchanan commenting on America's future.  Kevin praises everyone who goes to work everyday to provide for their family.


Kevin Miller gets real answers about healthcare while interviewing Anthony Hopp from Samaritan Ministries.  Mr. Hopp details an alternative to health insurance and to the health exchange.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners concerned about their health coverage.


Kevin Miller goes live to Cairo, Egypt with Kimberly Adams of Fox News Radio.  Kimberly goes behind the headlines in describing the latest fighting and bombing.  She details the latest in the collapsing peace process.


Kevin Miller interviews 580 KIDO Political Consultant Dustin Kuck.  They both spar about national and local political news.  Dustin debates Tea Party Bob on the governor's race.  Miles calls in to give his analysis instead of asking Dustin a question.


Kevin Miller looks at Colorado allowing illegal immigrants to get state driver's licenses.  Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso joins Kevin with a detailed report and regional reaction.


Kevin Miller interviews childhood bully expert Jimmy Vee.  They preview the school year and give practical tips on how children, parents, and teachers can handle bullying.  Jimmy Vee goes in depth on the impact online bullying can have on kids.


Kevin Miller welcomes Dave Burnett back from vacation.  Dave shares his trip to Disney Land and other places he visited.  Kevin shares his frustrations with his neighbors and other issues.


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