Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She details the historic meeting between Governor Mitt Romney and Governor Jeb Bush in Utah.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the Idaho Gas Tax.


Kevin Miller interviews Congressman Richard Stallings about the latest concerning nuclear waste at the Idaho National Laboratory.   The congressman reveals the history of Idaho's nuclear program.


Kevin Miller reads hate email and get's listener reaction.  Kevin Miller profiles the career of soon to be retiring NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon.

He reports on the cost to Idaho and America of the president's trip to the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller looks at a new report stating that Idaho roads and bridges are in disrepair and are dangerous.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners both pro and against a gas tax to allegedly fund road and bridge repair.


Kevin Miller gets the latest on the New England Patriots football scandal from Tonya J Powers of Fox News Radio.  She reports on the continuing NFL investigation.


Kevin Miller speaks with Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council.  Ken reviews the president's trip to Idaho.  Kevin Miller continues to look into a grab by the administration involving the Boulder White Clouds.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss #shrinkage/#deflate gate.  They review the news conferences of Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck.