Happy Birthday to Idaho POW Bowe Bergdahl.  We pray for your return.  Good Morning and welcome to Kevin Miller in the Morning.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Zauch who describes his experience of appearing on the Discover Channel's 'Naked and Afraid.'  Jeff tells Kevin Miller how he made it without food, clothing, and shelter for 21 days in the Madagascar Desert.


Kevin Miller speaks with Boise Blues artist John Nemeth on his return home.  Mr. Nemeth promotes his show Saturday Night at the Egyptian Theater.  Kevin Miller asks Mr. Nemeth what we can all learn about his pursuit of his dream.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by David Johnson.  Mr. Johnson describes how local police entered his home without a warrant.  Mr. Johnson says he was handcuffed and detained because the police had the wrong address.  He has filed a lawsuit against the Nampa and Caldwell Police Departments.


Kevin Miller looks at the possibility of consolidation of Gowen Field and Mountain Home Air Force Base.  Kevin details the economic and social impact of 1,000 jobs going away.


Kevin Miller speaks to Tim Graham of the Media Research Center about popular culture.  They discuss the lack of coverage concerning the problems with the affordable care act.  Kevin Miller previews the news of day.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the possibility of all A10 Airplanes being moved from Gowen Field to Mountain Home Air Force Base.  Kevin Miller previews Phil Robertson and other stars of Duck Dynasty stars coming to Idaho.






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