Welcome to the Kevin Miller Hotlist today we've got a lot of stories to cover starting with a tribute to the great Mickey Rooney.  Hollywood is in the news today as Captain America 2 makes history and HBO's Game of Thrones once again is must see TV.  Let's get started!

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney has passed on at the age of ninety three.  Will there ever be another actor who related so well to his audience?  A detailed look at his life and influence on Hollywood and beyond is provided by the LA Times.

HBO's Game of Thrones returns to a record audience once again.  Here's a brief and accurate recap of last night's season premiere from the LA Times.

It took George Straight twenty five years to win the entertainer of the year award from the Academy of Country Music.  Straight is the only entertainer to have a top ten hit in every year for the past thirty years.  Who were the other winners and losers last night courtesy of FOX News.

Jeb Bush has a unique take on illegal immigration.  He believes that breaking the law is 'an act of love' and illegals should not be prosecuted according to Breitbart.

The wait is over and it's a HUGE weekend for Captain America 2.  How this sequel became the number one movie is detailed by Forbes.

Is wrestling fake?  If so, how did a group of gamblers made a fortune over last night's Wrestlemania 30 provided by Forbes.

Paul Stanley of KISS reveals secrets and feuds to CBS This Morning.  Congratulations to the band for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after forty years of performing.

Will the implementation of Obama Care derail democrats in 2014 and 2016?  Jack Kelly gives us his take a proof from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and realclearpolitics.com.

How safe is Afghanistan?  Not very, 62.7% of US Casualties have happened since the last presidential election according to CNS News.

Gas prices go up and gas prices of up.  Here's why from NBC News.