All hail President Hillary, at least that was the chorus last week.  Just when everyone thought it was going to be Benghazi that derailed the Clintons, it's that other woman. Ms. Lewinski who reveals everything in a new story from Vanity Fair that brings back the blue dress, the meaning of is, and all things Ken Star.  Wow, the Kevin Miller Hotlist feels its age with that trip down memory lane.

Why have we not heard from Monica?  Who does she blame for the affair?  Does she still have feelings for Slick Willy?  Here's a preview of the big story of all things Monica from Vanity Fair.

Do you remember that song 'the night they tore ole Dixie down?'  That might be the case in California where lawmakers are considering a bill to ban the sale of the Confederate Flag from CBSLA.

Every thought about being a salesman?  Life is says says the KM Hotlist, however how does one sell?  Here's what goes on in the mind of successful salespeople according to the Idaho Statesman.

Our new friend Iran, you remember we just lifted their economic sanctions, has now threatened to sink our battleships literally reports The Hill.

California considers charging drivers for every mile they drive.  It will be voluntary says CBSLA.

Has the race card jumped the shark?  Not really according to this reporter who asked people if not liking Mexican Food is racist.  Many of them said yes, according to infowars.

Jack is back and if you missed it, here's the recap from Fox News.

China and Russia are forming a new tag team militarily that could disrupt the world's power structure says The Washington Free Beacon.

It's never too soon to start looking at possible presidential candidates for 2016.  If Hillary can answer the Benghazi and Monica issues, who will she face?  The top contenders are broken down by Yahoo News.

Why what Obama does in the Ukraine matters according to Pat Buchanan.