I know, you already believe the Kevin Miller Hotlist has an American Idol bias at the expense of The Voice.  We have it on good authority that it's not so good to be on either shows when it comes to basic employment rights.  You want details?  We have the details, plus CBS renews several shows, Batman and Superman verses Captain America and Big Business verses the Tea Party over Common Core.  Let's get started.

It's too big to ignore.  The inside confidential details of the contract contestants on The Voice have to sign according to the New York Daily News.  It's not good if you have an opinion or believe that the rules are ironclad.  It's also a good idea to keep your loss of rights a secret or you'll be sued for a lot of money.

As if the government didn't have enough folks to monitor, infowars declares that the Department of Homeland Security reads the Drudgereport.  That disclosure reminds me of the published reports of how the Clinton Administration was glued to their computers reading Drudge during the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Forget the big UFC Welterweight title fight this weekend in Dallas.  The real battle raging across the country is between big business verses the Tea Party over common core reports Politico.

Speaking of battles, even though Captain America 2 has not been released yet, it looks like the third installment of the living legend on the big screen will face off against the upcoming Batman verses Superman movie.  Grab your favorite cap, cowl, tights, and shield.  It's going to be big says Yahoo Movies.

Eddie Van Halen as a member of KISS?  It almost happened say Gene Simmons.  Guitar World has the details plus other why KISS eventually took off their trademark makeup.

Bloomberg gives all of the details on how to really stop illegal immigration.  It doesn't begin it the borders but the workplace.

CBS believes we need another season (12th) of NCIS and Two and a Half Men.  YahooTV has the list of several other shows that we'll see next season.

Everyone loved the dropping of the big potato New Years Eve.  So what's the problem?  The Statesman has the story of a woman suing CCDC because she broke her ankle.

Mr. Claire Shipman err that would be White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has had enough according to Politico.  Does anyone miss Robert Gibbs?

A Boise Police Officer is arrested and charged with assault and domestic violence.  Channel 7 says this is not the first time.



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