I arrived in Nevada yesterday and then drove to Bunkerville.  The journey reminded me of the old cowboy movies.  It was  quite a culture shock driving 15 North through the strip.  Let's just say it was sensory overload.  The mix of crazy drivers and unlimited casino signage has already made me home sick for the connector on a good or bad day.

Once outside of Vegas, the landscape resembles something you would see in the old Cowboys verses Indians movies.  I can see a remake of many famous westerns being filmed here one day due to the huge rocks and mountain formations.  I envision the tribes attacking the pioneers and the Calvary riding to the rescue.  (This is where we would say, I need to get out more, but this is what happens when I get out more.)

After a two hour drive, I arrived at Bunkerville, Nevada.  I saw a group of folks sitting and talking about the constitution.  (No spin, that's what they were doing, and doing it with PASSION.)  I heard the sound of gunfire and was told not to worry, that was the militia training down the road.  Actually, I heard more rounds being fired here than in my two trips covering the Iraq War.

However, in America, we do have the freedom to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights and that's what the militia was doing.  I spoke with Ryan Bundy, Cliven's son, who described what it was like when four snipers had their rifles pointing at him.  He'll share that story with you Monday morning on 580 KIDO.  They're several Americans who have traveled from California, Missouri, and other states in the Union.

These people have left their families, friends, and sources of income to be here living in the field.  Why do they do it?  I will have their stories for you Monday morning.  It might be a culture shock for those that believe the American sense of brotherhood is dead.  It is alive and well here.  I will be speaking with members of the militia today.  I hope to share their first hand insight without the PC filter with you Monday morning.

I'd like to ask you to spread the word about what we're doing here.  Without going into detail, I am aware that there are several organizations that are attacking me personally for covering this story.  They hope that their criticism will force your radio show off the air.  For those skeptics, like you're friendly neighborhood author/host, who say this for ratings.  There are easier ways to get ratings than leaving your home, driving out to the field, and all the other extra work that comes with taking a show on the road.

I'm here because I believe you need to read and hear the truth for yourself.  Once again, without your support and belief, this show will go away and so will our coverage of stories like this.  To those that are attacking us, I would ask them if they are willing to come here and search for the truth or continue to regurgitate the talking points from the politically correct press?

God Bless,




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