We start the Kevin Miller Hotlist with a recap of the Oscar's and Mathew McConaughey's acceptance award for wining best actor.  The Hotlist looks at the escalating crisis involving the Ukraine and Russia, the latest on Marvel's Avengers, and Vladimir Putin.  Let's get started!

Mathew McConaughey shocks Hollywood, the WTO, the tri lateral commission and others by thanking God for his Oscar win Sunday night.  Fox News has the details of this ground breaking speech.

It's never too early to promote the big Summer of 2015, when it comes to Summer movies.  The age of Ultron promises to surpass all blockbusters according to fool.com.  Marvel is using their ABC Show agents of Shield to build up demand for the latest Captain America Movie.

You know the old saying, 'with friends like such and such, who needs enemies?'  It looks like our 'friends' the Russians and Chinese agree about the Ukraine.  Shocking!  Sky News has the details of this troubling international tag team.

Police vow to 'curb' dog shooting with more training.  Let's hope  good training and restraint are taught.   The Idaho Statesman has the details.

Could there finally be a GOP win in the age of Obama?  It's starting to look good for the Republicans in swing states according to USA Today.

A real life hero donates a kidney to save his daughter's life and is 7's Hero.  Maggie O'Mara profiles this Treasure Valley Father on KTVB.

Season 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones is a little over a month away.  If you've ever wanted to feel what it's like to fight like a knight, check out Buzzfeeds inside look at the real life sport of medieval fighting.

Can anyone say CONTENT MARKETING in describing Ellen DeGeneres selfie that blew up twitter?  A huge victory for Samsung says the LA Times.

A record snow fall for the folks in Billings, Montana.  Can you believe over 36 inches of snow in 28 days?  So much for global warming.  The Billings Gazette takes a look at how people are coping.

Who needs motorcycles, SUV's or ATV's when you have chariot races with horses in Wyoming.  No we're not talking about ancient Rome here, but a real life sport that is catching on according to the Wyoming Tribune.


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