Kevin Miller shares Mathew Mcconaughey's best actor's acceptance speech from last night's Oscars.  Kevin debates with callers Jerry Brown's plan to legalize pot in California.


Kevin Miller takes a look at Russia invading the Ukraine.  He goes over comments made by Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney who both warned about Russia's aggression.  Kevin takes a look at the upcoming school levy votes throughout the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller takes a look at Greg Miller's appearance on the CBS Television Show Undercover Boss.  He takes calls on the issue of giving back and helping others.  Kevin debates Ronnie from Caldwell on this issue of pot.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso break down this week's money news.  Kevin ask's Dave his thoughts on the new Trader Joe's opening up last week.  They look at the housing market and preview Friday's Jobs Report.


Kevin Miller takes an uncensored look at last night Oscars.  He shares his thoughts and hears from listeners who voice their opinions.  He examines the comments of Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary on the minimum wage.


Kevin Miller takes a look at the crisis in the Ukraine and what it means to America.  He shares clips of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin predicting the Russian Invasion.  He takes calls on the issue.  He then wonders why Governor Otter is writing editorials in the Statesman.


Kevin Miller and Dave go over the latest story concerning Idaho POW Bowe Bergdahl.  They then talk about the Oscars and a the big performances from last night.

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