Kevin Miller gets an update on the ISIS threat from Gurnal Scott of Fox News Radio.  Mr. Scott reviews the proposed ISIS attack on the Mall of America.

Kevin Miller plays a clip


Kevin Miller speaks with Brian Watson from North star Commercial Development.  Mr. Watson discusses his successful job creation program in Colorado.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Watson look at economic opportunities in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso examine the week in money news.  They go over the latest trends in 401ks, IRAs, and mutual funds.


Kevin Miller takes calls on whether Idaho should raise its minimum wage.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions.  Kevin Miller compares the House Gun Bill verses the Senate Gun Bill.

Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  They discuss the threat to the Middle East from ISIS.  Kevin Miller looks at the battle over funding the internet in Idaho Schools.


Kevin Miler and Dave review last night's Academy Awards Show. Kevin Miller reviews the ISIS threat against the Mall of America.  He mentions that four out of five women do not shower daily.