Kevin Miller speaks with Jennfier Keiper of Fox News Radio about the latest in new car and car technology.  Kevin Miller announces that he'll be broadcasting from Timberline High School this week.


Kevin Miller is joined by Big Ed Beckley.  Big Ed describes his injuries recently from a recent motorcycle jump.  Kevin Miller and Big Ed take calls on his quest to jump the Snake River and when it will happen.


Kevin Miller reviews the final comments of Piers Morgan who said Americans should be disarmed.  Kevin takes calls on the issue and looks at the issue.  Here is Piers on CNN.  Kevin Miller shares Wil Wheaton's comments on how to handle someone who calls you a nerd.  Catch is here on You Tube.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso of Petso Financial.  They discuss the new Michael Lewis book that alleges that Wall Street is rigged.  Kevin Miller asks Dave the differences between a Roth and conventional IRA.


Kevin Miller speaks with Simon Owen live from London on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight.  Simon goes over every new detail in the case including the involvement of the Chinese and Australian governments.


Kevin Miller speaks with David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  They go over the pro life debate that happened in the legislature.  David goes in depth about the disagreements between the pro life groups and the lack of legislation proposed.   Kevin and David discuss the entire session.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Duck Dynasty event at the Ford Idaho Center.  Kevin goes over what happened Saturday night and thanks all the listeners who stopped by and said hello.  Kevin talked to Dave about the PBR and the dangers of bull riding.


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