Kevin Miller debates economics with Boise High Student Body President Cole Parkinson.  Cole explains to Kevin the role of student government and what he plans to do after school.


Kevin Miller welcomes Boise High School Counselor Jason Adams.  They look and discuss career options for students at Boise High School.

Kevin Miller looks at the rising cost of college and whether or not America should re enter the space race.


Kevin Miller talks to Myrna Auila, a Spanish Teacher at Boise High School.  She explains to Kevin Miller that there are over 100 languages spoken at the school.  They go over the advantages students have who take a foreign language in high school.


Kevin Miller is joined by Kim Brydges who teaches English and coaches girls basketball at Boise High.  Kevin Miller and Kim discuss the challenges of varsity sports verses club sports.


Kevin Miller interviews Pat St. Tourangeau, media and technology specialist at Boise High.  She goes over the changes from a library to a media center.  Pat tells Kevin Miller about the historical books located at Boise High School.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bob Thomas, assistant principal at Boise High School.  They go over how educators are keeping up with today's digital natives.  Kevin Miller looks at whether or not cell phones cause brain cancer.


Kevin Miller and Dave debate how big the snow fall will be this morning.  Kevin Miller is very skeptical citing numerous times the weather forecasters have gotten it wrong.  Dave defends the weather.  Kevin Miller invites everyone to call in with weather reports.