Kevin Miller is joined by State School Superintendent Tom Luna discussing education and testing in schools.  Jim from Star calls in to voice his opinion on why Kevin Miller is not at Boise High School today.  Several other folks call in with concerns about student testing.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Simon Owen from London concerning the sanctions on Russia.  They discuss possible increased sanctions against Russia and military action.


Kevin Miller shares his experience and takes calls about his time at the Bundy Ranch.  Kevin continues to apologize for not being at Boise High School today.


Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radios Jessica Golloher live from the Ukraine.   They discuss NATO/Russian relations and what's next in that region.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the cancellation of the school broadcast and his experience at the Bundy Ranch.


Kevin Miller and Dave announce that today's broadcast from Boise High School has been cancelled.  Borah High School and all other Boise schools have been cancelled due to testing, according to the district spokesperson.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss other reasons that may have caused the cancellation of the school broadcasts.


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