Kevin Miller interviews Sheriff Richard Mack.  They discuss the Bundy Ranch Fallout, the lack of privacy in America today, and the 2nd Amendment.  Sheriff Mack urges folks to educate themselves by studying the constitution.  Kevin Miller and Sheriff Mack take phone calls on the issues described above.



Kevin Miller goes live to London to interview Fox News Radio Simon Owen.  They discuss Europe's reaction to the Iraq crisis.


Kevin Miller speaks with Colonel Tim Masano of the Idaho Air/Army National Guard.  They discuss the Guard's roll in Iraq, the high school graduates program, and the national reaction to the Bergdahl story.


Kevin Miller interviews Emily Wither from Fox News Radio live from Jeruselam.  Emily gives up to the minute information of the situation in Iraq, Israel, and Syria.  Kevin wonders why the World Cup is a big deal?


Kevin Miller is joined by David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  They go over the primary fallout and the recent GOP convention in Moscow.  Mr. Ripley looks at the candidacy of AJ Balukoff.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the name change of the lingerie league Washington team.  They discuss our troops going back to Iraq and the Bergdahl story.