Kevin Miller interviews Pat Buchanan author of The Greatest Comeback.  They discuss Richard Nixon, Barrack Obama, and other issues.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the latest concerning Bowe Bergdahl.  RonPaulJim says that the September 11th attack was an inside job.  Kevin and RPJ go back and forth for several minutes.  A number of people call into voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller looks at the Garden City Ordinance prohibiting smoking in establishments that serve anyone under 21.

Kevin looks at the border crisis and takes calls on what should be done.  He states that if he were a congressman, he would force the government to arrest him.

Kevin Miller speaks with Jeff Aginbroad from the Snake River Stampede.  They discuss the history of the Stampede.  Kevin reports that a steer is running loose in the parking lot.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest in the murder investigation in Nampa.  Kevin Miller examines the relationship between Bowe Bergdahl and his parents.  Kevin Miller and Dave go over the Bergdahl case.