Another day and another edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Today we examine the inside skinny on what's really happening between Russia and the Ukraine.  Do most Americans know where the Ukraine is located?  Forget the Jabronie shows like The Voice and American Idol.  Look for the quote from Sarah Palin describing the differences between the Russian Power Putin and our own Mr. Wonderful President Obama.  Perhaps they could both settle their dispute in the ring during Wrestlemania 30.

Pat Buchanan gives a great historical perspective of Russian history and why sending troops to the Ukraine is the wrong idea.  If you skipped world history in high school, Pat's article in Human Events provides a background not available in the mainstream media.

Could their be another reason why Russia is smacking the Ukraine?  Paul Joseph Watson details the Gas Wars at

Sarah Palin says 'Putin wrestles bears and drills for oil,' while President Obama wears mom jeans.  Sean Hannity has the interview via Realclearpolitics.

Dancing with the Star is Back and Erin Andrews is the new co-host.  So much for Brook, Brook, Burke or Brook?  USA Today previews the season and the new cast.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent.  Who practices Lent and what is its purpose?  The IB Times has the details and answers to why many of us will be wearing ashes on our foreheads tomorrow.

Real jail time for one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  You cannot fight the federal government.  See Martha Stewart for details.  It looks like it;s time in the big house for Joe Giudice and his wife Theresa, according to NBCNewYork.

The Jedis could sense a disturbance in the Force.  Spiderman has his 'spider sense' warning him on danger.  Yahoo finance has the nine signs you're a target of the IRS.

The Wall Street Journal revels the secret 20 million dollar ad buy that led to the world's most tweeted photo.  Now that's a real return on investment!

Another day, another delay for Obama Care.  Shocking that this program continues to be kicked down the road.  The Hill explains it's not about healthcare, but politics.

Do you remember 1978?  That was the last time the labor force was this low according to CNS News.

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