President Donald Trump made his delayed State of the Union speech Tuesday night to both houses of Congress.  The SOTU was televised internationally.  KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller hosted a SOTU watch party that over 300 people attended at Dave & Buster's in Boise.


President Trump opened up the speech by declaring that the country must be unified. He thanked his special guests which ranged from Holocaust Survivors to heroes of World War Two.   The president focused the crowd's attention to a family who lost a loved one killed by an illegal immigrant.


The crowd at Dave & Buster's were very spirited in viewing the speech.  They booed when the Democrats were shown on camera.  Like the folks in Congress, they chanted USA, USA, during the speech.  It was more like a sporting event than a political speech.  President Trump noted how many women had been elected to Congress.  He said that we need to strengthen our border and wants Congress to fund the Wall.

Daniel Ritz / KIDO Talk Radio

The camera panned towards several Democrats who did not seem very enthusiastic to President Trump's words.  He spoke about the real possibility of ending the war in Afghanistan.  The Commander in Chief thanked the brave service members who continue to keep America safe against foes foreign and domestic.