First it was Dick Sporting Goods.  Then Walmart joined the movement in banning guns in their stores.  Now one of, if not the largest, grocery chain the country has told its customers guns are not welcome in their stores.  The nationwide grocery chain Kroger has joined Walmart as the latest retailer to ask its customers to leave the guns at home. In a statement released Tuesday, the grocery chain said it was "respectfully asking that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores".

The company also said it would call on lawmakers to strengthen background checks and keep guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous people. There have been eight fatal shooting incidents in Kroger stores since 1991, the latest taking place last October in Louisville, KY.

This move by Kroger will surely influence the media coverage of possible gun control legislation when Congress returns from its Summer Recess.  The key question will be whether either side will compromise to pass enhanced background legislation.  Democrats, both at the Congressional and presidential candidate level, have called for a return of an assault weapons ban.  Most Republicans oppose such a measure along with the National Rifle Association or the  NRA.

How will this policy go over with customers?  Should corporations get involved in issues like gun control at a political level?  Will more major retailers follow suit?

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