Home prices are up, up, up around most of the country, especially in parts of Idaho, more specifically Ada County. Boise is booming, Meridian is skyrocketing and Kuna, Nampa and Caldwell have all continually gone up in home prices.

According to Zillow, "The typical home value of homes in Boise is $535,281. The typical home value of homes in Meridian is $573,882. The typical home value of homes in Kuna is $475,391. The typical home value of homes in Nampa is $432,713. The typical home value of homes in Caldwell is $416,298."

So where are the affordable places to buy in Idaho?

We are going to compare a few researched lists out there and see what towns come up the most often. These lists were all created with data gathered within the past year.

Homesnacks.com in April came up with their "10 Cheapest Places To Live In Idaho For 2022" Each one of the towns will link you to a break down of cost of living for each location.

  1. Blackfoot
  2. Payette
  3. Burley
  4. Jerome
  5. Idaho Falls
  6. Pocatello
  7. Chubbuck
  8. Preston
  9. Fruitland
  10. Weiser

A Website called Zumper.com scored Payette as the #1 spot in Idaho for affordable living and home buying. Followed by Preston Idaho, Ammon, and Idaho Falls.

MoneyInc.com on the other had has a slightly different list but with some still familiar places - Burley made #1 followed by, Rubert,  Blackfoot,  Payette,  Jerome,  Nampa,  Mountain Home, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Chubbuck made #10.


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