It pays to be an elected member of the Idaho Legislature. Whether you're a senator or a representative, it must be nice to have a job with a paid vacation?

Paid vacation? What do you mean, Kevin Miller? Most jobs in America offer a paid holiday? My response would be how part-time jobs provide a paid leave? It's great work if you can get it, and we're the ones paying for the legislative spring break.  

The Idaho Statesman breaks down the cost of the legislature break as over $318,000 to Idaho Taxpayers. The leadership on the hill decided that Covid outbreaks were too severe to allow the session to continue. The administration vows to come back to finish the session next week. Although no one's home, the cost of state government continues to be paid for by us.  

The Statesman's Hayat Norimine does an excellent job of breaking down the legislative recess costs from per-diem to living expenses it's in her article. Can we afford to pay our 'public servants' not to work? The answer is no. Why not a two-week discount to the taxpayers?

Or a legislative discount based on the lack of results on the significant issues in our state? Repeat after me, property tax relief, elimination of the grocery tax, and the governor's emergency powers' restriction. So far, the needle has not moved on any of those issues. Can Idaho afford to fund a 'spring break' for our state politicians who continue to promise but do not deliver results to the voters?

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