It appears earlier this morning Boise Police officers responded to multiple serious incidents, as we've reported on a police chase, hotel shooting, and now this shooting incident — all of which have happened this morning.

In this case, it was shared that Boise Police officers responded to a reported shooting at W. Silver City Ct. Officers arrived at the scene around 4:30am and immediately attended to an adult male victim with life-threatening injuries. Ada County Paramedics promptly took over to provide care,  and then transporting the victim to a local hospital for further treatment.

According to the official press release from the Boise Police Department, detectives, in the course of their investigation, interviewed several individuals connected to the incident, leading them to identify 47-year-old Aaron Black as a suspect. Initial reports suggest a heated verbal exchange between Black and the victim within the residence before the shooting occurred.

Aaron Black was taken into custody by Boise Police on charges of Aggravated Battery. Following protocol, Black was then transported to a local hospital for medical clearance before being booked into the Ada County Jail. The victim is continuing to receive medical care for life-threatening injuries.

Considering the major cases that have happened all just this morning in Boise, we'd like to an extend our appreciation and a special thank you to our local law enforcement and first responders for serving our community and acting quickly and effectively.

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