It's been the highlight of every Boise Facebook group out there.

It's beginning to look like the argument is mostly one-sided.

Throw up a tweet or Facebook post about F-35's, and a small but vocal group will digitally lambaste you until you pound the block button. This blog is not here to convince you which side is right or wrong, but only to crunch some numbers. Most Boise residents want the F-35's to come to Gowen Field.

A whopping 73% of those surveyed say they support Gowen Field being the new home to the noisy aircrafts. Both Mayor Bieter and Governor are among those who believe having the F-35's in Boise will boost the local economy and bring new business to the Treasure Valley.

The opponents of the movement say bringing the planes here will add to noise pollution and ruin the quality of life in Boise. Just how loud are the F-35's exactly? Depends who you ask. Here's five things that are louder than the elite military aircrafts.

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