The summit between North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un and President Trump is over.  As the world tries to figure out what's next, Sean Hannity will give you complete, accurate and exclusive coverage from Singapore this week on KIDO Talk Radio. If you haven't had a chance to listen to Sean Hannity on KIDO Talk Radio, following Dave Ramsey, this is the week to give him a try.  The Fox News Anchor is the only talk show host in the world broadcasting his show from Singapore.

The award-winning and accomplished talk show host has never hesitated to take his show to where the action is happening.  You'll hear firsthand his interview with President Trump immediately following the president's historic meeting with Kim Jung Un.

Expect to hear from all the big players in the world on what's next for the region and our country.  Hannity will not only cover what's happening in Singapore but will have the latest on events as they occur here.

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