As someone who grew up in Idaho, I received my education in this beautiful state from elementary school through college, and I often wondered what many people have:

Is Idaho a good place for students to receive their higher education?

Should prospective students stay in Idaho, or move somewhere else entirely?


In a recent study by studee, they sought to discover which states are the best places to be a student in the United States in 2022, and their analysis was fascinating.


What makes one place better than another?

Attending college is so much more than simply taking classes and obtaining a degree. 

According to studee, “it’s about the excitement of moving out and living independently, the anticipation of the first day in the classroom, a new area to explore, and of course the lifelong friends made.”

Because of this, they believed it was pertinent to analyze multiple factors that encompass the entire experience of receiving higher education, and ranked the states accordingly. 


How did Idaho rank?

The following factors were analyzed, and this is how Idaho did for each one:

  • Average Tuition & Fees: $7,518
  • Rent (Room): $4,268
  • Board: $4,552
  • Number of Top (High Ranking) Universities: 1
  • Graduate Salary: $57,479
  • Crime Rates: 242.6
  • LGBT Friendliness: 3.75
  • Happiness Index Scores: 63.09
  • Mental Health: 33
  • Percentage of the Population Made Up of 19-25 Year Olds: 10.20%
  • Number of Things To Do: 1656


Final Score: 5.66

Idaho ranked as the 17th state in America, for the best places to get a higher education in 2022. So, not the best but not the absolute worst. 

But based on the criteria above, we can clearly see the areas that could use some improvement.


Some of the states near Idaho who ranked among the best were California (1), Utah (4), Colorado (9) and Washington (11).

So if you’re considering going to college and not wanting to move far from home, these are some of the best options to explore.

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