Firefighters across the Western United States continue to fight a record amount of fires this Summer. Considering that we have at least six weeks left of Summer, experts expect a record amount of damages to homes, buildings, livestock, and possibly cities before the end of fire season.

The challenge for firefighters, in Idaho and throughout the West, is where to use their limited resources that will have the most impact. Jared Jablonski, fire information officer with the Boise District BLM, explains tells KTVB what impacts their decisions, "People at the national level down to the geographical level down to the local level are constantly making decisions on where to put resources and when to let resources go and when to hold resources," said "They are constantly looking at weather and field conditions looking at all those variables to decide what we need to do."

In California, the situation remains grim, especially in the city of Redding. The Golden State is fighting over 16 fires. The largest is the Carr Fire in Redding. According to, over 110,000 acres have burned.

Western Government Officials continue to work hard to contain these massive fire outbreaks. Record high temperatures throughout the West continue to already fatigue firefighters.

A healthy dose of rain throughout the region would aid their efforts.


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