Is anyone surprised that the Boise mayor has reissued her mask mandate? The mayor's proclamation includes statements from the World Health Organization as one of the reasons why she's continued her mask mandate. Do we live in China or Idaho? The WHO has come under scrutiny for its managing of the Covid crisis.

Governor Little's state of emergency is mentioned as another reason for continuing the Lone Ranger Legislation. Does it feel like we're living in a state of emergency?  You can read her order here.  My colleague Mateo rights a news story on the issue here.

If the governor says so, it must be true considering the legislature has allowed the gubernatorial Heisman to continue in the Gem State. Back to Mayor McLean's Boise. Do you believe we are living in a state of emergency? Have infection rates gone up in Boise? In Idaho? Have our hospital ICUs been overrun with Covid patients?

The mayor was elected to run the city, and she makes the call. Is extending the Boise mask mandate the right move? Do we need the Boise Police Department running around issuing demerits to Boisians who won't wear the mask? A new mandate escalates an already tense situation. Idahoans pride themselves on a Libertarian form of government. In other words, more individual liberty and less government, not more government.

Why not follow the lead of the folks at Central District Health? McLean would've been wiser to move to an advisory. Most Idahoans will make the extra effort to help others. (Remember, this is the state where we let people in our traffic lane.) When folks have a choice, they do the right thing to help others. Let's suggest the mayor do the right thing and rescind her mandate.

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