Could Megyn Kelly be leaving Fox News for CNN?  Find out the details here.  The uber popular web site Drudgereport is reporting that CNN is putting on the full court press to lure the popular Kelly away from the network that discovered her Fox News.

According to Drudge, CNN Chief Jeff Zucker is looking at every option to convince Kelly that the CNN should be her new home.  The sticky point is money where Money Megs wants in excess of 20 Million per year to read a teleprompter.

If Kelly abadons Fox, look for CNN to put her up against cable tvs kingpin Fox's Bill O'Reilly.  The move would be a brilliant strategic move for the lowly rated CNN.  It was also be ironic since, according to published reports, deposed Fox News Chief Roger Ailes lobbied O'Reilly to put Kelly on his show.  She took advantage of that exposure and her career has continued to grow.

What do you think?  Should Megyn stay or go?