Our tenth year of Miller's Mission begins today as we once again live at the Wal Mart in Nampa on Garrity and Franklin.

I'll be living at the Wal Mart in hopes of bringing attention to the challenges of homelessness and affordable housing in the Treasure Valley. We began our efforts ten years ago by living at the River of Life Rescue Mission in Boise. The first year we contributed twenty turkeys to feeding families in Ada and Canyon Counties.

Throughout the years, we've come up with colorful promotions in hopes of attracting more donations to aid the Boise Rescue Mission. The Mission has been in operation for over sixty-three years in the Boise Area. Morris Bradshaw started the Mission with several local folks who wanted to help the homeless in Boise. Bradshaw moved to the area from Oregon, and the Mission continues his efforts today. He would travel around the area in his station wagon, collecting bags of coal to heat the Mission, which consisted of fifteen beds.


CEO and President of the Boise Rescue, Mission Reverend Bill Roscoe, shares the value of Miller's Mission. "Miller's Mission is invaluable because of the scope of the radio station's audience. Kevin reaches into every corner of the community, and during Miller's Mission, he gives us credibility with his listeners." Reverend Bill continued, "Meeting the listeners and donors is a high point of the week."

Miller's Mission

A look back at the first 10 years of Miller's Mission

Over the years, Miller's Mission campaigns have ranged from 'Pennies from Heaven, Quarters for Kids, and the most popular fundraiser, 'Give a Turkey, Don't Be A Turkey. KIDO Talk Radio listener Hank explains the appeal of a grown man dressed up as a turkey to the community. "Having Kevin dress up as a turkey takes away the self-promotion aspect of the event, and the humility emphasizes the valid concern of the rescue mission.


"Kevin in a Turkey suit is like Santa Claus for adults," Misty Maxfield. She continued, "several adults act like children waiting to take a picture with Kevin. This event is the start of the push for the season of giving. "

Please Consider Donating to Miller's Mission

Visit Kevin at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin
Visit any Wal Mart and purchase Turkey Vouchers till the end of November Miller's Mission at www.boiserm.org
Test Millersmission to 208-400-5655


A look at the continued appeal of one of Idaho's favorite fast-food chains currrently not in the state.

Boise Rescue Mission Bill Roscoe

The Boise Rescue Mission and their CEO Reverend Bill Roscoe continue to serve our community.