Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who joined us this week at the Walmart on Garrity and Franklin. Miller's Mission may be over for this year, but you can still stop by to purchase 'turkey vouchers' that will feed families. Every Walmart in the Treasure Valley participates in our program, including the Walmart in Ontario.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Walmart employees have embraced the program by actively asking anyone if they'd like to donate. Thousands of families will enjoy a warm meal thanks to their extra efforts. We appreciate your generosity to those who've contributed, volunteered, and prayed. Miller's Mission is a family affair where we take a break from the world of politics, current events, and other issues that we cannot control.

Millers Mission November 2022 THANK YOU!

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Everyone has been hit with rising food costs. Turkey's prices have increased by over seventy percent since last year. Other staples such as pies, potatoes, vegetables, and just about every other food item are more expensive than last year. If you're a single-parent family or on a fixed income, necessities have become luxuries. Every dollar that you give is multiplied throughout the Treasure Valley.

We live in challenging times and thanks to the good the works of Idahoans folks will have a warm meal, shelter, and a place to worship God. The challenges will still continue, but we will all face them and exceed them thanks to your efforts.  Thank you once again for making a difference large or small, turkey or prayer, God Bless.


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