We have only three days left to collect your donations benefiting the Boise Rescue Mission.   It's our Fall campaign of 'Miller's Mission' broadcasting from the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  A big thanks to Jared Wardle and the employees of RCF Commercial Cleaning for their generous turkey donations pictured above.

Kevin Miller/KIDO Talk Radio

Once again we want to thank John Christensen and the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety for the numerous boxes of food supplies.  It's amazing how many folks will get up early before work, load boxes of food, drive to Wal Mart and unload all of the boxes.  Oh, let's not forget, they then go to work.  Thank you!


Here's a behind the scenes look at the folks who make our broadcast a reality.  It may sound chaotic, but through the efforts of so many that we have the privilege of being with you every morning.

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

We celebrated the roots of KIDO Talk Radio, Idaho's First Radio Station, by bringing back famous KIDO Alumni David Ferdinand to sing patriotic songs during today's morning show.  Years ago, in the early days of radio, performers would travel across the state to perform live on the air.  Today, we honored their work by having David play his guitar while singing You are my Sunshine, God Bless America and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

David is a fixture at the Thanksgiving and Christmas banquets singing Christmas classics as folks enjoy their meals.  Thank you for your continued donations and don't forget we've only have till Saturday to collect your turkeys!


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