After recovering from an unprecedented rough start, Boise State Football is on a roll. Unlike previous years, the Broncos are not on ESPN. The Mountain West Conference chose to leave ESPN for more money on the less-watched networks of Fox Television and CBS Sports.

Boise State Offensive Line

ESPN was a valued partner in the rise of Boise State Football. Everyone knows ESPN, and your message will reach the masses if you're on ESPN. Fox and CBS do not have the clearance, coverage, or passion of the worldwide leader in sports.

What's the big deal about TV?

The consequences of the Mountain West's TV deal will be felt this weekend not by the folks in New York but by the fans in Boise and Provo. At the time of this publication, Boise State's game against BYU at Albertsons Stadium is scheduled to be on the fox lower-tiered cable sports channel FS2.

The match up between two western titans deserves a better cable channel than FS2. (Personal disclaimer, I have every sports and news channel that Direct TV, and there's no FS2 on my channel guide.) Most fans will not be able to watch the game at home or they'll have to go to a sports bar.


A lack of coverage means a lack of exposure for both teams. This weekend is a big week for college football as powers Georgia takes Tennessee, Alabama vs. LSU, and Clemson vs. Notre Dame.

BYU v Boise State
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I'd say the Boise State BYU game holds up against any previously mentioned games. Fox should move the game to FS1, although it still lacks the clearance of any of the ESPN platforms. Someone either in Los Angeles or New York will make the right decision and let fans of both teams enjoy what promises to be a great game.

This game will be the final one between these two teams as BYU will join the Big 12 Conference.

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